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Innovate, design, manufacture and sell accessories around the world of wine for people who enjoy the pleasure of the table. Create sensations, awaken emotions and improve the experience of our customers. To have the most complete collection of wine accessories on the international market.


Our history begins as a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of measuring instruments and continues to the present time maintaining the same spirit. Currently we are fully dedicated to the manufacture of wine accessories and have offices in several countries, but we continue to try to offer innovative and effective solutions to our customers just like the first day.


We direct our efforts towards a single objective, to add value with the best service, attending to the needs of the sector and fostering the best possible long-term relationship with our clients.


Following a philosophy of effort and service, Pulltex is committed to innovation, backed by more than 100 patents in the market throughout our history, creating differentiating elements, such as our corkscrews, which will mark the line of many others. This pioneering philosophy has earned us the trust of our clients and the respect of our competition.

When A.Dordella and R.Brucart started the commercialization of the first double lever corkscrew, they thought that it would not be an easy path, but that they should try it, ... after 25 years of effort and a great human team behind, they has gone further than imagined and has earned the recognition of the sector.


ua great human team
Commercial Team

Our commercial team will guide you through the purchase process. Formed by people with commercial and marketing preparation, they are the engine that will help you find the best solution to what you need.

Administrative structure

The administrative structure keeps all the operating processes of the company active, carrying out those tasks that facilitate the way until the receipt of your order.

Warehouse and Production

The entire team of warehouse and production people are responsible for the preparation and dispatch with the maximum precision of all our articles, controlling the quality of all the processes until the moment of shipment so that you receive the product in the best possible conditions.