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Pad printing

Monochrome printing up to 4 colors, no process colors.

Marking system that is made by transferring ink to the product using a silicone or rubber pad. It consists of a metal plate coated with a photosensitive emulsion, where the image is recorded by a chemical process. This plate is covered with ink and swept by a blade, subsequently a silicone pad presses on the engraving of the plate, collecting the ink and transporting it on the piece that will be printed by contact. Own workshop with 4 single-color machines, 1 of 2 colors and 1 of 4 colors.


silk screen printing

Monochrome printing up to 4 inks, no process colors

Using this technique, printing is done by transferring an ink through a mesh stretched on a frame, and it is printed color by color. It is then transferred to a drying machine. It is a very economical method, ideal for large print runs. Own workshop with 2 single-color machines, for small and large formats.



Laser engraving for metals, glass and plastic

Erosion of the product surface. With this technique, the product cannot be stamped with colors, since the result is the one that appears after eroding the first layer of the object. Indelible marking.Own workshop with 2 machines, for marking on metals and for wood and glass.


Digital CMYK / Transfer Printing

Four-color printing for special products

For some of the products we manufacture we have special marking systems to be able to make a photographic impression on the product. In this case, it is not done in the workshop itself, since each product and system is totally personalized. We work with specialized partners in each system.