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Environmental Responsibility

Aware of the importance of adopting sustainable habits, from Pulltex we adopt a high degree of commitment to develop a concept of environmental responsibility that helps us to evaluate and improve our practices, to help improve the balance of the plant. We consider that this responsibility should be associated with the productive sector and generate awareness in the client.

Environmental responsibility in the company

We assume the purpose of adopting recycling habits in materials, since 2019 we have reconverted all our packaging. In 2018 our packaging was based on 90% transparent PVC, in 2020 we closed the year investing this percentage, currently 88% of our packaging comes from ecological materials, FSC papers, Forest Management certification, which ensures that it is controlled wood and from a forest forest managed, evaluated and certified according to social, economic and environmental standards. As is guaranteed by the Chain of Custody, which assesses the path that raw materials travel.

We have demanded a greater commitment to the environment and we have turned it into concrete actions.

Responsibility in concrete actions

Environmental responsibility begins with people, but it must be completely horizontal within the company and affect in concrete actions on each part of the structure that composes it.

In our commitment to the planet, Pulltex is committed to expanding our local suppliers and the range of sustainable packaging made of 100% certified cardboard for environmentally friendly and socially beneficial forest management. In addition, we have reduced the use of plastics in the development of our products by 80% and we have acquired an internal commitment to reduce our CO2 footprint as much as possible.