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Before contacting us here we provide brief explanations to know where and how to contact us to solve any problem with your purchase or your Pulltex product.

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1-Select the product you want from the catalog, it will be moved to your "cart" and will offer to "go through the checkout", if you want to add products, click on the tab to close this pop-up window and you will be able to continue viewing products. 2-Select the icon of a bag in the upper right. 3-Fill in the fields and shipping address (the web will calculate the shipping cost). 4-Select the payment method, we offer two systems: Bancos de Sabadell banking POS (Redsys) or PayPal.
The website itself marks the availability of our stock, in case of not having stock it will not allow you to add the product to your cart.
Shipments to the peninsula are made through GLS and its delivery date is between 2 and 4 days.
On the website itself you will find the "Contact" section in the upper panel.
If your purchase has exceeded the 4-day period for delivery, contact, provide the purchase number and within 24 hours you will receive a response.
The Pulltex product warranty is 2 years and misuse by the buyer is not covered. If you have suffered a breakage, an error in the merchandise shipped or a problem with the transport, send an email to with a description of the problem and add images and provide the purchase information.
We will try to find a solution to your problem, contact attach images where you can see the problem and your receipt or purchase invoice.
All our products are accompanied inside their packaging by a warranty brochure, fill in this document and send to either a scan or an image where all the fields can be read correctly. You only need the internal part of the warranty document.