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Wine Concepts for Wine Lovers

Our Wine Concepts for Wine Lovers collection is the result of the natural evolution of the company to adapt to the type of client, "With our experience we generate new opportunities for our clients". We are constantly working on updating the design of our products and their presentation, in order to offer the best selection at the best prices. Since the beginning of 2020 our range of store products is available in packaging with FSC certified to promote an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests"

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In this collection you can find all those items necessary to open, serve or preserve your wine and cava. Basic and effective products, manufactured under Pulltex quality standards with finishes and production methods that minimize cost. High-turnover product packaging created according to strict sustainability standards.

We have a varied stock of exhibitors to facilitate the display and promotion of products in the store. From tabletop structures to 170 cm display stands available in cardboard or metal where you can fully present all Pulltex brand products.